There comes a time when your car has had its day. Your beloved vehicle has lasted with you, but it’s time for it to be scrapped and recycled as it just cannot continue. But what would happen if you didn’t recycle your car?

As we are all aware, recycling is a major factor in helping the environment, and the amount of scrap metal produced from recycled cars has resulted in great things and helped produce other items and products. Have you actually thought about the effects of what would happen if we didn’t recycle this metal?

Unhealthy Build Ups

If we do not recycle metal, then the material is considered garbage and is generally buried in a landfill to rot or, in some cases, be burned. This can damage the environment greatly as it creates an unwanted and unhealthy build-up of old materials.

If burned, this can cause subtle pollution from the fumes and damage the environment where it is placed. A build-up of unwanted materials creates a messy and overloaded area as well, which many would tend to avoid upon seeing and where vegetation does not typically exist.

 Lower Supply Of Materials

Did you know that by recycling just one aluminium tin you can save enough energy to power a television set for three hours? Little things we didn’t know about what recycling can lead to would be lost if metals were not recycled. Not only this but, if we do not recycle materials, we would have a shortage of materials – that is a something that can make people panic.

After all, many individuals are reliant on these materials to survive.

What Are the Benefits of Recycling This Metal?

Scrapping a car means you get to help the environment greatly. The number one way to prevent the new mining of metals and other mineral sources is to recycle the existing ones. It isn’t just the metal from your car that gets recycled, as the glass and plastics can also be recycled and turned into new products. This has led to fewer mines that are operating at full capacity and using the limited resources of the planet.

There is also the added benefit of limited toxicity. Mercury and other heavy metals that can be found in the construction of vehicles can properly be recycled, reducing the harm it can cause to individuals.

Reusing Recycled Materials

Many of us have heard the famous slogan ‘’Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’’, but how many of us follow it? Reusing car parts protects the environment for future generations whilst also allowing us to get the full use out of the salvaged material. This adds on to further points made as it saves consumers money whilst also reducing a shortage in the materials.